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The blog includes information from the materials that I meet during my career. It is a collection of information about methods and library sources for professionals in the IT Business Analysis sector.

Design Document - The document that describes the how of the project. The steps to make the project happen

Project Notebook - the document that records events that take place during the project

Functional Requirements Specification - The document that details the what of the project and describes the system

Business Requirements Specification
- The primary BA deliverable providing the why of the project

International Institute of Business Analysis
International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) is the leading international, professional association for business analysts and the business analysis profession, offering the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) and Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) designation.

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Business Certificate Programs – Boston University Corporate Education Center
Boston University offers seminars and certificate programs in management, supervisory skills, project management, information technology, and more.

B2T Training Exams : The B2T Training Catalog
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Certified Business Analyst Professional

Find out what is required to get the CBAP, a certification for business analysts.

Masters Certificate in Business Analysis University of Victoria

Certifications - Business Analysis - CBAP Business Analysis - BA Certification Ottawa
CBAP Business Analysis - BA Certification in Ottawa

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PMCentersUSA - Online Education

University of California Irvine Extension BA Certificates

UBC Certificate in Business Analysis

Requirements Testing - An ambiguity check, a peer review, and an assumptions check are examples of this task

Ambiguity - When the communication of requirements lacks clarity or is not fully understood

Lack of Feasibility - When corporate resources will not support the scope or magnitude of the project

Questioning Technique - Asking open-ended questions and listening to the response.

Completeness Testing - Establishing agreement with the customer as to when the requirements process is finished.

Requirements Analysis - Evaluating what was learned during the information collection step and diagramming processes to assess requirements.

How versus What error - Attempting to describe the solution prematurely.