BPM Library

The blog includes information from the materials that I meet during my career. It is a collection of information about methods and library sources for professionals in the IT Business Analysis sector.

BPM solution Goals

The BPM solution must meet the following goals:

* To provide users with electronic forms, whenever paper forms currently exist.

* To provide as many re-usable components as possible for future BPM solutions to take advantage of them (i.e. Prognosis).

* To allow for electronic notifications whenever applicable.

* To seamlessly integrate with other existing systems, therefore eliminating manual work.

* To provide a robust user interface that will provide custom capabilities to users and with the possibility to integrate with the existing portal.

The answers of the following questions have to be gathered before the process design.

• What action initiates the process?

• What tasks must be performed to complete the process? In what order must these tasks
be performed?

• Which individuals within the organization will be involved? What roles will they be
taking in the process?

• What information needs to be gathered during the course of the process? What
information should be shared among participants?

• What are the possible outcomes? Does the procedure flow in a step-by-step manner from
start to finish, or are there alternative paths to be taken into consideration? Are actions
taken sequentially or in parallel?